PhotoScenery 3.74

Generates collages from photos
Create personalized collages from your photo collection and embellish them with cartoons, masks, frames, texts, cliparts and more.

Many of us like to create collages with our favorite photos for decorating our homes or for giving them to our friends and relatives. This program allows us to create collages in a fast and easy manner. We only need to select the desired background image and add the photo(s) we want to use. The background can be any image we have taken with our camera or that we downloaded from the Internet. The program also allows us to add different effects such as masks or outlines to highlight the photos we added. Also, we can include different elements such as cartoon images, frames, clipart and more. The program has a built-in collection with hundreds of elements, all of which we can use in different combinations. An interesting feature is the possibility of adding text to our collages. This allows us to include a customized message in our project so we can use it as a Christmas or greeting card, or as a very special gift to a loved one. This program is very basic and easy-to-use, so don't expect complex effects or advanced options. If you want to create customized collages and/or cards using your own photo collection without the hassles of more complex (and expensive) programs, then you may want to try this one.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use
  • Many templates and clip art items


  • Too simple
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